We take water safety very seriously and want to ensure that all of our rentals are fun, exciting, adventurous, and SAFE for everyone involved.  For this reason, we require all participants to wear a provided PFD (personal flotation device) while using our equipment.  We require all participants (or their guardians, if under the age of 18) to sign a liability waiver, which outlines some of the possible dangers that are inherent in paddling activities.  This waiver is not meant to scare you, but it's required by our insurance provider and it's important that you understand what the real risks are.

Here's a quick bullet list of some of our most important safety rules and tips:

  • Always wear the provided PFD (personal flotation device) properly
  • Assess weather conditions and avoid water that is excessively choppy.  Do not attempt to do anything in or near water if there is a threat of lightning.  Wait a full 30 minutes after seeing lightning or hearing thunder.
  • Paddle boats are safest when they're used near the shoreline.  Power boats are fast and drivers are not always looking out for smaller vessels.  Stay out of their way, and if you're paddling with children, remind them of safe boundaries.
  • Use caution when entering and exiting a vessel.  We did a lot of research to find boats that are stable and comfortable for paddlers at all levels, but water makes everything slippery.  Go slowly and ask for help if needed.
  • Supervise young paddlers and keep them close enough to hear you!